The Craft Beer Industry Today and How You Can Compete

The craft beer industry in Canada is thriving with 6% of total market share and continues to be the fastest growing segment in the LCBO’s beer category at anywhere from 20 to 30% per year. This is an incredible gain in market share, especially when you consider what it takes to pull some of that share from the macro breweries.

According to the 2019 research from the Canadian Craft Brewers Association, there are now more than 1,000 craft breweries in Canada! This is exciting, but it also means that this is becoming an extremely competitive industry.

This is why you need a strong marketing team to listen to your story and turn it into a powerful USP (unique selling point) that will put your company at the forefront of this wave. Having said that, has its own USP, and that is John de Jong’s own knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, the craft brewing world. As a member of the BC Craft

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