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Build a brewery website to maximize customer interaction and search discovery

The foundation of your omnipresence marketing system is an attractive website that converts lookers into leads via phone, email, or text. Our team has built and refined hundreds of site designs and uses only the most effective design and technologies.

Utilizing our high-speed page loading and clear calls to action (CTA), optimized for mobile (70% of users),  we build custom-tailored content, imagery, and branding for your business. This means your website will be the silent salesperson which we build your brewery marketing system upon.

We’ll highlight your brand with a spectacular look and feel drawing your potential customers in to see your offers and Google reviews. The rest is up to you! 

However, we’ll give you all the tools and advice you need!  Because we are brewery specialists, we walk you through our onboarding checklists and can often have your highly-effective new brewery site up in less than one month.

As a client of The Brewery Marketer, your website will have the following features:

  • Mobile-optimized and responsive design that reformats on any device
  • Multiple  pages of well-structured brewery content to help your site get a higher ranking immediately upon launch
  • Simple forms that encourage visitors to request more information
  • High-resolution images and videos (+ video training)
  • High-speed hosting on AWS and top PageSpeed scores
  • Custom search-engine-optimized content (SEO)
  • Initial blog content distributed for maximum SEO (additional content available depending on the option selected)

Get more online reviews

Online reputation matters now more than ever. I know! I built my business on it! Our program reaches out to your clients so they want to give you a 5-star Google or Facebook review.

When people search for breweries online, they need to see that you have verified and trusted reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

We’ll supply the tools you need to get your business more 5-star reviews than your competitors. Our reputation management and review software provides the following:

  • Automated review requests via SMS text (40% more effective) or email
  • Website URL/QR code your customers can scan to leave a review
  • Automated correspondence with previous customers to request reviews
  • Reviews posted at key positions throughout your website for higher visibility

Use local SEO strategies & Google reviews to rank in Google Maps

Search Page
Ranking #1 in Google Maps is the most powerful position on a search page

The best place to be found on Google is the map pack 3. You cannot buy this space, you have to earn it through online reputation (reviews) and being the most relevant to Google (SEO). Once you start to rank in the map pack you’ll see a clear difference in the quality of your leads. However, once you’re there, you still have to work to maintain your ranking.

We are experts at Brewery SEO and we do it right. Our goal is to have your brand appear in the Google Map pack. Most of our clients find it revolutionizes the quality and quantity of the customers coming through the door. Just remember, the higher your rating, the higher your patrons’ expectations, right?

We address the two components to maximize SEO

1. On-page optimization

  • Headers and page titles must be categorized by item and geographic areas
  • Using high-value brewery-related keywords for search engines
  • Optimizing image titles and utilizing video content
  • Create content and links that position you as the authority in your area

2. Off-site optimization. 

  • Acquiring high-quality backlinks to your site from related brewery, restaurant, industry, and government websites
  • Connect with business citation and rating directories to build credibility on the internet
  • Generate ongoing branding signals to stand out and show stability

You can do it or we can do it for you. Done right, your business will be showing up at the top of the search results sooner than you ever thought.

Our brewery SEO team is among the best in the business. We stay current with the Google algorithm and SEO trends and are continually testing, assuring you of the most effective tactics and ethical execution for the fastest results.

Use Facebook & Instagram ads to get in front of your thirsty customers

Using retargeting ads is a great marketing strategy for breweries

Do you have a Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn account? When is the last time you posted more than 5 posts in 2 days? If you’re not making 2–5 posts per week to each of your accounts, you don’t have a social media strategy, you have a social media burden. It’s taking more time than it’s worth, so why bother? But a properly-executed social media strategy for your brewery can go a long way.

There are over 1 billion registered users on Facebook. Instagram (also owned by Facebook) is growing at an unprecedented pace. Your customers are here, this is where you need to reach them!

I believe Facebook ads are probably the best investment you can make if you do it right! 

Most people do it wrong. Just like making beer, it’s more than just 4 ingredients.

It’s the quality of the ad (ingredients), it’s the complexity of the yeast, it’s the bitterness of the hops, it’s the smoothness of the barley. It’s the heat of the wort, the length of the boil, the speed of the cooldown, the quality of the filtration, the cleanliness of the environment, and, ultimately, the knowledge, skills, experience, and execution of your brewmaster. There are lots of brewers. There are few brewmasters. Of course, it’s exactly the same in marketing, lots of players, very few craftsmen, and even fewer marketing masters. Most people can’t or won’t brew beer. It’s an acquired skill, just like marketing. You can learn it or you can delegate it. 

What do we do? We target the right users at the right time with the right offers on the right social media platforms with the click of a button. Because we’re marketing masters, the exchange of your dollars for our expertise builds your business and fulfills your dream!

Our team of experts work with you to create highly-targeted ads that showcase your brewery brand as a whole in order to build consumer trust. How much do you spend on label designs?  The only people who see them are already in a liquor store. We’ll build your brand online to the thousands, tens, and hundreds of thousands of customers looking for the latest and greatest beers. And then, invite them into your establishment with a coupon or other incentive. It’s up to you to satisfy them and make them want to come back.

You see, marketing gets the customers in, and a great experience brings them back, wouldn’t you agree?

Our team creates and executes these individual types of ad campaigns for your company:

  • Branding ad campaigns
  • Retargeting ad campaigns (bring back previous customers)
  • Lead-generation ads (e.g., free growler, appetizer offers)

Get instant leads with landing pages that motivate action

You know that selling beer isn’t about selling beer is it?

It’s about occasions with friends. At a game or wedding? Each beer is an experience at that occasion. The beer has to be good, but it’s the memories we create, the dreams that come true while we spend time with each other that can last a lifetime, right?  You can’t just sell beer by promoting flavour or price. It’s about lifestyle,  connection, and emotion. 

Do you know the number one reason why most marketing doesn’t work for craft breweries? They don’t have a comprehensive marketing plan including digital assets, physical assets, and proper pages for visitors to land on and convert into leads. 

Our team has created and tested lead pages designed to capture customer contact information in exchange for coupons or other valuable incentives. These have been A/B (or split tested) to optimize their effectiveness into the highest converting landing pages.

These are beautifully-designed pages by our graphics team to tie into your brand. We recommend a short video accompanying the eye-catching pages to let your customers know you are looking forward to serving them soon, and that the data you collect is private, so only you can continue to reach out to them with valuable offers. Of course, they can opt out at any time. 

We want your potential guests to take action, and your landing pages are branded so people know that they are reaching your brewery when they call or submit a form.

Run strategic pay-per-click Google ad campaigns

Would you rather be the biggest or the most recognized in your city? 

I want you to be recognized. Bigger isn’t better. Better is better. Better-known, better-tasting, better reputation… these are valuable. And we build valuable relationships with valuable people which create valuable results!

 We want your brand to be omnipresent. The best way to get in front of your potential customers is to pop up when they do a search. You don’t need a fancy graph to know that the majority of your clients  (85%) are on Facebook and social media do you? Being on Facebook, Google ads, and TikTok (yes, it’s a real opportunity) will put you almost everywhere that your people look. It’s how our proven system generates so many leads so consistently. 

You can do it yourself or we can do it for you. But to be effective, your marketing campaign must include Google ads and other pay-per-click advertising sources. Our job is to have your brewery’s campaigns out there ASAP and showing up for the most effective keywords (search terms) related directly to you, your primary customer, and your geographic area.

We partner with some of the best companies in America for display and remarketing ads. We use these to generate signals to the web via major news websites and everywhere your customers browse on the internet.

Our PPC services for breweries drive attention to your brand and allow customers to reach you simply by clicking on a button to call or make a reservation.

We’re able to do this effectively and get a great return on investment because:

  • We work exclusively with breweries, so we have accumulated tons of data to fuel your campaign.
  • Due to our extensive brewery experience, our campaigns are effective from the get-go (Translation: generalist marketing agencies have to spend your hard-earned money to figure out which ads, programs, and incentives don’t work. And, after much trial and error, figure out which of them will work. It’s not fair for you to have to pay for their education, is it?).
  • Even with a 20% conversion rate on ads, we continue to remarket to those that don’t follow through right away. They keep seeing other aspects, offers, and values of your brand, warming them up for an eventual conversion.

Set your company apart with video

Video—that’s the new media. 

If you want to take your brewery to the next level, all you need is your cell phone. You don’t need fancy equipment, you just need to do it! If your dream is for growth in production and revenue, you need video.

I heartily recommend a book by Marcus Sheridan, They Ask, You Answer. The book resonates with our philosophy of “Valuable People, Valuable Relationships, Valuable Results.”

Watch his video on the power of video here on YouTube.

How to Make Video Part of Your Company Culture

We are all in on video here at The Brewery Marketer because it just works. It’s not rocket science. 80% of the content we consume on the internet is video. Do video before your competitors and see the growth come! 

First of all, your customers see you as people. They get to know you a bit and even if they don’t come to like you, you’ve started to build a relationship of trust.

As you build your video portfolio, we will syndicate it for you to enhance your SEO ranking. We’ll also provide you a free 12 Month Video Checklist for the next 12 months of advertising and marketing topics. 

Here is a sample list:

  • Brand-awareness video ads
  • Lead-generation video ads
  • Retargeting campaign video ads
  • Staff profile videos