About Us

Jim (left) and John de Jong (right)

Hi, I’m John de Jong, a beer enthusiast and marketer with over 40 years of experience (in both beer and marketing!) and I’m determined to help brewery owners achieve their dreams!

I love to travel, and many of the pictures on this website were taken by my wife, my motorcycle buddies, or myself. I’ve been to breweries all over North America, Hawaii, and Europe by motorcycle, paramotor, or in our convertible. We love to try new brews and foods, and with our team based in Victoria, BC, and partners in Toronto, Denver, Colorado, and Raleigh, North Carolina, my plan is to travel and make new friends and customers wherever I go!

Why did I start The Brewery Marketer?

  1. Our customers asked us to take over their digital marketing! With 453 5-star Google reviews, we are the highest-ranked marketing and sign company in North America (Sept 2021). They are sick of bad service and bad results. So am I! Our company, Alley Kat Signs and Marketing, has helped thousands of clients over the last 36 years, and now many of our customers have asked us to do their digital marketing because they know we care about the results we provide.
  2. Covid-19 affected our business. We never closed, but we laid off our 3 staff—including our son—for about a month. We’re running at 100% again but digital marketing gives us the ability to work remotely and serve more customers.
  3. I had a bad experience. Okay, I’ll be honest, I got ripped off by one of those online SEO companies that promised the world for only $99.00 a month. My ignorance made me vulnerable. So, I learned how to solve the problem by working with a team of experts. I built valuable relationships with valuable people and now reap valuable results!

Our Mission

To triple the sales of 250 breweries and distilleries

Our Philosophy

Valuable People

Valuable Relationships

Valuable Results

Our Experience

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5 Star Reviews

Yes, I want to work with the Brewery Marketer!

In 2008, I almost died when my appendix burst. Instead of sending flowers and asking how I was, my boss kept calling me and asking when I was coming back to work. The lack of respect he showed for me as a person made me realize that it was time to quit my job and follow my dream of spending more time with my wife and 3 sons. That’s when I (we) decided to get out of the rat race. Even though I made a healthy 6-figure income, the lack of respect for me as a person made it completely unfulfilling!

So, just like many of you, we maxed out our mortgage, took out lines of credit, and bought a business: Alley Kat Signs. Our dream was to take care of our family while helping other people take care of theirs, making other people’s businesses, and therefore their family lives better.

Along the way, we’ve become the number 1 rated marketing and sign company in Canada with over 453 5-star Google reviews based on the simple philosophy of Valuable People, Valuable Relationships, Valuable Results.

What about you? You probably started this brewery to follow your dream didn’t you?

Congratulations on following your dream.

But Barbara and I know that while chasing your dream usually starts with you,

to fulfill your dream, you need a team!

If you’re reading this, you are well on your way to chasing your dream. 

Please, use any of our free tools (we are always adding more), or, if you want a full-service solution, click below to schedule a free assessment to check us out.

 Why? Because you know beer and I know marketing!

More About Us

Here are a couple of things you’ll be interested in knowing. I’ve been married to my lovely wife Barbara for 35 years. We have 3 awesome sons and 2 beautiful daughters-in-law. Believe it or not, 2 of our sons have chosen to work with us! I’ve already mentioned our 453+ Google reviews, but I have also won marketing awards with Toyota Canada. I’ve taught business and marketing courses in local high schools, and, in 1998, I spent a month teaching business in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Our Brewery Marketer division is a member of multiple local and national craft brewer associations and our marketing team is certified in multiple disciplines.

Lastly, my 3 motorcycle buddies and I have toured western and central Canada and the USA searching out the best beers the regions have to offer! I’ve literally driven through miles of hops and barley from farmers you likely buy from in search of a tall cold one.

As a marketer and Google Local Guide, I’ve been able to help thousands of customers and millions of searchers over the years. I love what I do and sharing it with others as a Google Local Guide.

TheBreweryMarketer.com is the division of Alley Kat Signs and Marketing dedicated exclusively to marketing for the beer industry. As I also own a sign shop we can also supply signage, banners, tents umbrellas, wraps and more.